AVA Center

Chattanooga does not have any independent spaces, contemporary art spaces, or project spaces. Real estate in Chattanooga is very expensive and property owners and local organizations are not willing to support independent noncommercial art initiatives. AVA is hosting BIN in their space. Thank you AVA. Find the AVA Center at 30 Frazier Avenue Chattanooga, TN 37405. They are open Tuesday-Saturday.

Some info about AVA:

AVA, a non-profit association for the advancement of the arts,  was established in 1986 as a result of Vision 2000 – a community visioning process that today is known as the ‘Chattanooga Way’ for community input. Today, AVA has a membership of over 600; is run by a staff of seven employees; receives leadership from a 23-member board of directors and has assistance from over 200 volunteers. 

AVA serves as an advocate for the visual arts through programming, arts advocacy, exemplary community citizenship and by an increase in diversity among artist and art advocate members.  AVA provides members with opportunities to exhibit and sell their artwork; teach and facilitate; and cultivate their community leadership skills.  AVA’s role in visual arts education is seen in schools, recreation centers, hospitals, the workplace and public spaces.  Our state-of-the-art digital media lab, opened in late September 2008, was designed to serve as a high-tech workshop for traditional artists, photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, and creative web developers, who might otherwise not have access to the tools they desire.  The lab, located downstairs from the main gallery, offers 10 iMac workstations loaded with the latest software for creative professionals and accompanied by high quality printers, scanners, and miniDV video decks.

AVA’s mission is to promote, support and advocate for original visual art and artists.


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