SEED progress reports

In BIN INFO on November 18, 2008 at 9:24 pm
Fugitives Project

Fugitives Project



SEED project


Tuesday January 13: Okay, its been insanely busy past few weeks but we are installed sans one more work by GRL which needs some tuning tomorrow.

Monday December 8: Stencil out to Fugitives, Box out to DeadTech

Wednesday December 3: Message in from Team Lump with project plans and requests for measurements.

Tuesday December 2: Cooler in from Paintallica (content tbd).

Monday December 1: Box returned from DeadTech/UPS! Out again via USPS.

Sunday November 30: Message in from Fugitives with project plans and requests for measurements.

Wednesday November 26: Note from Patrick Lichty confirming participation by Yes Men / RTmark / Second Front.

Saturday November 22: Note from Rozalinda confirming participation by 6+ and Common Places Project.

Saturday November 22: Test AVA/Clumpies wireless/bandwidth for installation use and Skype conversations.

Friday November 21: Abigail of InCubate-Chicago comes back with great ideas. Soup will make its way onto calendar.

Thursday November 20: Incredible onsite visit with James Of GRL. Thanks so much for all the insight and disclosure. 

Thursday November 20: New box out to TEAM LUMP. USPS this time.

Thursday November 20: Received a white padded mailer from Dan of Paintallica. Contents Unknown.

Tuesday November 18: Bill from TEAM LUMP writes – UPS box mia. UPS calls me with claim. 

Friday November 14: Brandon, John, Ron, Julie, Jessica, Tyrick, Phillip, and Adam (Skype) group at the SEED studio for veg pizza and white board thinking. 


BINs on the way out, SEED STUDIO Chattanooga, TN Oct 2008


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